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Probably The Second One, Yeah
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Customer Rewards
We'll pay you $1.47 to post on social media about our products, $2.05 to mention it in any group chats you're in, and 11 cents per passenger each time you drive your office carpool past one of our billboards.



Abandon The Old Ways

welcome to the new faith

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Attention Span
I didn't even realize they MADE a novelization of "Surf Ninjas." How did you-- Oh my god, it's signed by the author?!
When In The Course Of Human/AI Events
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Sun and Earth
But we don't need to worry about the boiling masses sandwiching the thin layer in which we live, since we're so fragile and short-lived that it's unlikely to kill us before something else does! Wait, why doesn't that sound reassuring?

Guest Comic: Erika Moen...AND ME

I wrote this comic and my good buddy Erika drew it! :D

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Presidential Succession
Ties are broken by whoever was closest to the surface of Europa when they were born.

Guest Comic: Karla Pacheco

These Dale/Marigold comics are 100% canon

(thanks Karla)

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LeBron James and Stephen Curry
The 538TR attempts to capture a player's combined skill at basketball (either real-life or NBA 2K18) and election forecasting.

Guest Comic: Magnolia Porter


Today's guest strip is courtesy of the incomparable Magnolia Porter!! Thank U Magnolia!!!

I Made Winslow Cuter

Hannelore has become even more powerful

This is a bonus comic I drew a couple months ago for my Patreon supporters! Thank you, Patreon supporters. Gonna run some guest comics next week while I get back to work after all the travel I've been doing.

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Clickbait-Corrected p-Value
When comparing hypotheses with Bayesian methods, the similar 'clickbayes factor' can account for some harder-to-quantify priors.

Maybe A Bounce House

This is the last regular comic for a lil' while. I'm posting some guest strips and bonus comics from Patreon for the next week or so while I rebuild my buffer from travel, and this felt like a good point to take a pause. Thank you for reading.

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xkcd Phone 2000
Our retina display features hundreds of pixels per inch in the central fovea region.



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Selection Effect
fMRI testing showed that subjects who don't agree to participate are much more likely to escape from the machine mid-scan.
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